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Country : Botswana
Summary : Supply of Software Licences, Renewals and Cisco Smartnet
BWT Ref No : 46140905
Tender Notice No : SADC/ICT/2/2020
Competition : ICB
Financier : Other Funding Agencies
Head - Procurement unit SADC Secretariat Plot 54385 CBD Gaborone Attn: Mrs Veronica Chingalawa
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Tender Details : Tenders are invited for Supply of Software Licences, Renewals and Cisco Smartnet. NEGOTIATION PROCEDURE REQUEST FOR BIDS (RFB) Reference Number: SADC/ICT/2/2020 Title: SUPPLY OF SOFTWARE LICENCES, RENEWALS AND CISCO SMARTNET Number of Lots: 5 1. SADC Secretariat is inviting product partners and authorised resellers only to submit a bids for the Supply of the following items Lot Item Qty 1 Renewal only: 350 client F-Secure Licences and support (12 months effective 8 Jan 2021) 60 server 2 Renewal only: 7 modules Solarwinds Licences and support (12 months effective Dec 22 2020) 3 Renewal only: 23 devices PaperCut MF licences and support (12 months Effective 10 Feb 2021) 4 Veeam Backup and replication Software Licence and support (12 months effective Feb 13, 2021). See details in annex 1. 10 sockets (annual basic renewal) 10 (new) sockets 5 Cisco Smart Net Total Care (12 months effective 1 November 2020) 1 2. You should send only one bid for this requirement. Bidders may bid for one or more lots and the total prices should be expressed per lot. IMPORTANT : INCLUDE ALL RELEVANT DOCUMENTATION BELOW: 1. The Certificate of Incorporation 2. The Trading License 3. Valid Tax Clearance Certificate 4. The PPADB Certificate 5. Banking details 6. Company Profile 3. Your bid should be titled as shown below and addressed to: “SUPPLY OF SOFTWARE LICENCES, RENEWALS AND CISCO SMARTNET". Head - Procurement unit SADC Secretariat Plot 54385 CBD Gaborone BOTSWANA Late submissions and faxed quotations are not acceptable Bids should be emailed to the following email 4. The deadline for submission of your bids, to the email addresses indicated in Paragraph 3 is: Monday 19th October 2020; 14:30hrs. 5. Your bids should be submitted as per the following instructions, and in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Standard Purchase Order for SADC which is available on request. (i) PRICES: The prices should be convertible to the local Pula currency (Include exchange rate to Pula if using foreign currency), including all duties attached to the sale of the goods (such as VAT, customs duties, etc) and transport to the final destination. (ii) EVALUATION AND AWARD OF PURCHASE ORDER: Bids determined to be administrative (see Paragraph 2,3,4 and 5 and technically compliant to the requirements will be evaluated by comparison of their prices per lot (defined as above). The award will be made to the bidder offering an administratively and technically compliant quotation at the lowest total price for the lot. (iv) VALIDITY OF THE OFFER: Your Bid should be valid for a period of 90 days from the date of deadline for submission of quotation indicated in Paragraph 4 above. 6. The software licenses are expected to be delivered within 2weeks from the signature of the Purchase Order. 7. Additional information and clarifications can be requested n writing, via email addresses below no later than Wednesday 14th October 2020; 16.30hrs. Email:;; cc:; during working hours. Sincerely, Name: Mrs Veronica Chingalawa Title: Acting Senior Officer - Procurement Date: 22nd Sept 2020
Deadline : 19th Oct 2020
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